Kelvin (Ben Waters) wakes up to a call from Shelly (Amanda Driscol) to tell him that her boyfriend, Marcus (Marcus Jean Pirae) is on his way to brazen out Kelvin because he has found out about them being together the night before.

Kelvin makes a run for it only to find himself fenced by a web of deception. Fuelled with anger, Marcus and his sidekick, Keith (Huggy Lever) subject Kelvin to a no-mercy treatment.

Will the dice reveal Kelvin’s destiny or do the tarot cards hold the key to his fate? What if everyday you were given the chance to make the same decision? What if everyone you ever trusted seemed distrustful?

Deceptively layered and intriguingly misleading, Somnolence is a gripping tale of a man who finds himself confronted with the inevitable and eternal truth: salvation.

  • Skills/Tools Used - Feature Film