Every frame makes a difference

As a film production company we develop and produce our own films and drama. Released in 2009 we bought you slick, edgy British thriller SOMNOLENCE staring Marcus Jean Pirae ‘Bullet Proof monk’ Lisa Ray ‘Water’ Benjamin Waters ‘GMT’ and Anna Winslet.

We have built our drama experience with over 100 episodes of ‘Don’t Jealous’ a successful drama series for TVONE which went on for six seasons. We pride ourselves on being a international film production company that has made feature films in the UK,US and South Asia. This why our recent film released 2014 was Foreign Film KANEBAAZ  a hit with the critics (Tribune with The International New York Times) “Brilliant Drama Film” written by award winning writer Mohammed Ahmed and directed by British maverick director Ali Sade, who had an all star South Asian cast staring Mohib Mirza ‘Seedlings’ Faisal Rehman ‘Fraud’ Aamina Sheik ‘O21’ Rashid Farooqui ‘Ramchand Pakistani’. We also have executive produced two North American films released 2011’Stripped down’ and ‘Holiday’ currently in post-production due to be released in early 2015.

We care about the films in which we are involved and we understand the challenges the productions face. That is why we have a hands-on approach to bringing projects together, providing an impressive range of services and experience.